10 Feb 2009

Summer Computer Camp for Kids in Serbia

The Summer Computer Camp (hereinafter , Comp Camp, (www.kompkamp.net ) for kids from 8 to 15 years is a summer program for Public Primary school kids with the goal of providing an organized educational and recreational use of a summer holiday. It is a valuable way for kids to build upon technology skills taught in schools and the technology skills needed for the 21 century .
Research on proven summer programs for kids in world in the field of ICT/ informatics’ technology shows that kids playing and entertaining themselves are more willing to learn and absorb information, ideas and experience. Comp Camp aims to use proven practices and experiences from worldwide computer camps to awake interest and enthusiasm for learning and even possible pursuit of a career in the IT industry.

Research are carried out in following world known institutions:


In Serbia, where the situation still does not permit the opportunity for many children to go on the sea side, mountains or some other place for vacation and recreation, Comp Camp, offers an oasis for diversion, fun, and activities that kids love!
We are passionate about introducing children of ages from 8 to 15 to the wonders and benefits of IT technology. It is a way for youth to discover, play, imagine, and most of all, have a great time while learning. Comp Camp is the only such summer computer program for children because it has been developed by identifying what kids need today, but with an eye on tomorrow. Comp Camp bridges the gap between the present and future of technology.

The Comp Camp will be organized in Vojvodina, village Erdevik, at the Public Primary school “Sava Šumanović”. The duration of the camp will be eight (8) days, during which time kids will be in a beautiful, natural and safe surrounding, where healthy food, high-quality programs and medical care will also be provided. Kids at Comp Camp will certainly enjoy a valuable and memorable summer vacation that will provide the basis for a higher level of knowledge of information technology (IT).

Motto of the work program in Comp Camp is:

Kids, don’t just play games, create them!


  • IT WORKSHOP – programming for kids
  • CREATIVE WORKSHOP – art, music, ecology…
  • CLUBS: HEALTH (mental and physical), GOOD BEHAVIOR, ETHNO

KEY PROGRAM element of the work with kids is IT, learning Java programming, game programming, Web design:

  1. Java programming for Kids, Parents and Grandparents, by Yakov Fain
  2. Multi Media Fusion Developer and The Games Factory – by Click Team
  3. 3D Game Makers
  4. Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Adobe Flash…
  5. Sweet Home 3D, Pivot, Real – DRAW PRO, Comic book creator…
  6. Educative contents on the Internet forums, blogs and sites
  7. MS OS , Word, PowerPoint, Paint…
  8. Intro C++ Programming: Image Processing


• Organized skilled work with kids during the summer vacation
• Prevention of wasted and inactive time during the summer vacation
• Increasing of the knowledge in the area of IT
• Increasing of the kids physical skills
Feedback to parents of children’s talents in IT and others areas